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We Can Help You Cash In On $2100 In Incentives

When it comes to furnaces and A/C units for your home, there always seems to be some kind of rebate available. But these rebates are not always easy to figure out. Or, to actually obtain. What’s truly available? Who do I call to find out more? Langton ClimateCare wants to help. We can point you in the right direction towards $2,100 in real cash incentives that are available until December 3, 2017. One call … The right Direction … $2,100. It’s that easy.

money-rebateAnd, the systems are backed by ClimateCare’s comprehensive 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re your home comfort experts – and your neighbor. As home comfort experts, we have the experience and expertise to keep your home healthy and comfortable.

But we are so much more than that – we are also your neighbor. So you know that we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that everything is done just right.

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Before you start looking for the right heating and cooling equipment for your home, your first priority should be to find the right professional who can install it. Our team of licensed technicians at Langton ClimateCare have the knowledge and skills to provide the service you and your family need.

Here is some more information on why “the box” is less important than the people who install it.

• You’ll get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment.

• You will not experience how efficient your product is if it’s poorly installed. The right HVAC technician will do what’s necessary to make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment.

• You’ll also get expert advice on how you can actively maintain the quality of your product so it can last for years to come.

• A qualified HVAC technician, will help you decide what product is the best for you. Leave it to the professionals to help you make an informed decision. You may be asked questions about your lifestyle and the nature of your home. These details will be taken into consideration when determining the best fit for your home.

When you hire Langton ClimateCare to do the job, we will make sure that our work does not interrupt your lifestyle. Our technicians will offer you the peace of mind you deserve.
Make sure you look for the right person to do the job, Before you Start looking for the right product.

Contact Langton ClimateCare to GET STARTED online or at 905-312-9644 for a FREE in home consultation.

Top 10 questions people should ask but don’t when purchasing a new Furnace or Air Conditioner

When buying a new furnace or air conditioner, its best to ensure that you ask the right questions.  This will help assist you with making a decision that’s right for you.  Here are 10 questions to ask.

  1. What size and capacity of air conditioner / furnace does my home require?  It’s best to know the size of the area you are trying to heat or cool.
  1. Is the HVAC installation company bonded and insured? Make sure that your quote has this in writing.
  1. Are there any HVAC technologies that would be better for your home?  Homes today can benefit from the likes of ductless systems, remote controlled thermostats and a variety of other new technologies.
  1. Does the HVAC supplier include a maintenance / service contract in the quote? This can help ensure that your units are always in top condition and can save with unexpected expenses.
  1. Can the existing ductwork be used for the new installation? It often can as long as it is in good condition without leaks.
  1. Are there tax credits or rebates offered on new air conditioner and furnace installations in your area?
  1. What are the available options in terms of better energy efficiency? Check the unit’s energy efficiency rating and talk with the HVAC professional about how this will affect your utility bill.
  1. Are there any authorizations or permits required by the local authorities before an installation can take place? If any permits are required, leading HVAC installers can usually handle them for you.
  2. Is there a satisfaction guarantee offered on the unit itself as well as the workmanship involved in the actual installation?
  1. Will the HVAC installer fully remove the old unit, take it away and handle all clean up?  It’s best to check first as this can save you time, money and potential frustration.

These are just a few common questions that customers seeking out a new furnace or air conditioner should be asking. Unfortunately, they often don’t and get caught with inferior quality systems and installation services.

Call Langton ClimateCare about a new furnace / air conditioner installation, maintenance and repairs

At Langton ClimateCare we focus on presenting our clients with quality air conditioners and furnaces.   For a FREE in home consultation , please contact us via email or phone 905-312-9644 today.

10 Tips to Help Prepare for the Purchase of a New Furnace

  1. Best system type

Split systems are the most commonly used systems for heating and air conditioning. They separate the heating and the cooling system. The condensing unit, furnace, and coil sit on top of your furnace.  The main disadvantage with split systems is they require a large amount of indoor space.

A packaged system containing both a heating and cooling system in one integrated system housed outside. Langton ClimateCare can advise you on whether a split or packaged system is right for your home.

  1. Find the most efficient furnace

Furnace efficiency aims to measure how much of the energy put into a furnace is converted into heating power for your home. This is measured in AFUE (the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). All furnaces should have an AFU above 80% but aim to get the furnaces that are closer to 100%. This will give you more warmth for less gas – saving you money in the future.

  1. Fuel source

Oil furnaces are powerful, but require room for storage and create more mess. Electric furnaces create heat from electricity ultimately increasing your electricity usage.  Gas furnaces are economical, yet not as economical as the electric-powered heat pump. Heat pump systems transfer heat from one air stream to another therefore using less electricity. They can also act as an air conditioner during the summer. Make sure you choose the fuel source to suit your needs.

  1. Temperature zoning system

Depending on where the furnace is located, there may be hot and cold spots throughout the house. A zoning system helps solves this. By dividing your home into zones each with their own thermostat the correct amount of energy will be used to create the most comfortable temperature.

  1. Variable speed blower

Not only does a variable speed blower also operate more quietly, it also changes the speed of the blower as it distributes air throughout the home. This helps makes the temperature more consistent than a fixed-speed blower where the speed remains constant.

  1. Professional Furnace Installation

It is worth spending money on a quality installation.  This will ensure that your system runs at peak efficiency for years to come.

  1. Air quality

When installing the furnace, you can add an indoor air quality system to improve the air quality in your home.

  1. Choose the correct size furnace for your home

If a contractor gives you a quote over the phone rather than visiting the home, that should be an immediate red flag.  All aspects of your home, from square footage to window efficiency, need to be calculated to achieve the correct size of the furnace.

  1. Inspect what your warranty covers

To avoid footing unexpected bills later – make sure you know the terms of your warranty.

At Langton ClimateCare we want you to be satisfied!  If within one year from the date of installation, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will replace the equipment for equipment of equal value or remove the equipment and credit you.

  1. Get some money back

Investing in high-efficiency equipment has its perks. In addition to utility bill savings, you could qualify for local incentives and rebates. Ask us about any current promotions or rebates.


Winter Furnace Preparation

Getting your furnace prepared before winter is beneficial before the cold days arrive. A good clean, visual inspection and check of your furnace will indicate if there are any repairs that may need attention.

How to prepare your furnace before the winter

• Remove and replace the air filter.
Check to make sure that the duct work in your home is clean. Too much debris or pet hair in the vents can lower the efficiency of your furnace. This in turn could cause the furnace to work harder to keep your house warm during the cold winter months.
• Do a visual inspection and see if your burner flame is yellow and not blue.
• Make sure that all the functions on your furnace are working properly.
• Inspect and clean the combustion chamber. Harmful debris such as soot and water vapor could cause problems.

Let Langton ClimateCare repair and maintain your furnace this winter

Langton ClimateCare has a team of dedicated technicians that can assist you with all your furnace repair and maintenance needs. We offer quality services and provide you a 100 percent satisfactory guarantee. Should you wish to know more about our services we offer or want to have a look at some of our products please do not hesitate to visit us or give us a call at 905-312-9644 today!

Why is My Furnace Not Turning On?

The fear of your furnace not turning on during the winter months can be quite stressful.. Unfortunately, problems with the furnace not turning on are one of the more common problems. In this scenario with the furnace not functioning properly, we highly recommend that you consult with a HVAC specialists for your repairs and maintenance.

Beneath are just a few of the reasons why your furnace may not start.

  • The thermostat may have lost its programming and settings. This could happen if the thermostat loses power.
  • The pilot light is dirty which means that gas or propane cannot flow freely and results in the unit being unable to start.
  • The circuit breakers and other HVAC components might not be set to “on”.
  • The air filter is dirty and clogged which has caused the furnace to turn off and stay off to prevent overheating.
  • The ignition sensor could be malfunctioning. This can be complex to understand or repair and is best left to a professional HVAC contractor.

These are just a few of the potential reasons why your furnace isn’t turning on, If you aren’t sure what the problem is and have no prior HVAC repair and maintenance experience, it’s best to leave the repair to an HVAC contractor.

Langton ClimateCare provides furnace repairs and maintenance services in the Hamilton area.

At Langton ClimateCare we provide licenced technicians to handle installations, repairs and maintenance of all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioners. If you are looking for professional assistance with a repair or ongoing maintenance of your furnace, contact us by email or phone at Langton ClimateCare today.

Four Ways Your Heating and Cooling System Can Make You More Comfortable

Living in Hamilton your furnace and air conditioner does a lot more for you than simply keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In this article we are going to discuss 4 different ways your heating and cooling systems keeps you comfortable in your home.

The first thing we are going to discuss and we find that a lot of people struggle with this problem especially in 2 storey homes. That is keeping the home a nice even temperature from the first floor to the second floor. A lot of people with 2 storey homes complain that the top floor of there house is much warmer and uncomfortable in the summer. By installing the correct furnace and air conditioner and sizing everything properly and making sure there are return airs upstairs you can solve this problem.

Some homes we go into in the winter they are very dry and people in the home suffer from dry skin, itchy eyes, and bleeding noses. To help solve this problem all you need to do is install a whole home humidifier. Installation is very simple with these units and it only takes about an hour to get it installed. A humidifier is going to make your home a lot more comfortable in the winter and if you have hardwood floors it will help keep them in there best shape and not ruin them.

Another way your heating and cooling system keeps you comfortable is by keeping dust mites out of your home. Some people use the 1 inch filters you can get from Canadian Tire but we recommend a MERV 11 or higher to combat dust and allergens in the home. The body’s system filters dust at a MERV 8 rating so anything higher than that will be good for your home.

Lastly, living in Hamilton we have cold winters and hot summers. This means that your electrical and gas bills will be on the rise in these months. We recommend installing an Energy Star heating and air conditioning system because it will significantly cut down your utility costs. Your furnace is going to save you money on the gas but you are also going to save money on the hydro with the new motors in the new furnaces.

Keep these tips in mind and see if there is anyway you can take this information and make your home a more comfortable place during the cold winters and hot summers.

What Does SEER Mean?

A question we get a lot here at Langton ClimateCare in Hamilton is what does SEER mean and why does everyone who comes to my home mention something called SEER? In this article we are going to educate you on what SEER means and why this term is very important when it comes to choosing an air conditioner to cool your home.

Air conditioners are rated on whats called a SEER rating which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. All that means is the cooling output during a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input during the same period.

To keep it very simple all you need to know is the higher the SEER rating of an air conditioner the more efficient it will be. In Hamilton, all you can install is high efficient equipment. There are different levels in efficiency and knowing this is very important. The minimum SEER rating you can install in your home is 13 SEER. A 13 SEER air conditioner is high efficient but it’s at the lower end of the scale. When you install an air conditioner we always recommend you install something that is energy star rated. If you have ever seen the blue energy start symbol on different appliances that’s what we recommend you buy.

To install something with the energy star label it has to be rated at least 14.5 SEER. Here in Hamilton we recommend installing equipment rated from 14.5 to 16 SEER. Anything higher than that is kind of over kill when it comes to comparing value and price.

SEER ratings can reach all the way up to 25 SEER but that is not something you need to install here in our climate in Hamilton. If you were living in Florida where you need to run your air conditioner all year long then a 25 SEER air conditioner may be a good choice. It’s not something you really need to get involved with here in our climate.

If your air conditioner is over 10 years old it’s most likely operating at 6-7 SEER. You will notice a big difference in efficiency when you install an Energy Star rated air conditioner at 16 SEER. If you’re tired of paying those ridiculously high hydro bills in the summer give us a call at Langton ClimateCare at 905-312-9644 and we will be happy to help you.