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Whether you manage or own commercial or residential property in Hamilton, you need to make sure that your furnace systems are properly serviced. At Langton ClimateCare, our goal to provide you with exceptional furnace repair and installation service in Hamilton, and that’s why we’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about our furnace repair services. 


When should I have my furnace serviced?

It’s essential to ensure that your furnace is working well. Regular services can help you avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs. At Langton ClimateCare, we advise homeowners to schedule furnace tune-ups at least once a year. Regular services can help you avoid major problems in the future and save you on energy costs by ensuring that your heating system works at its best.


Why should I schedule furnace maintenance services?

There are many reasons you need to hire our technician to perform a tune-up on your furnace. Tune-up will help you avoid major breakdowns during the cold winter months and improve your system’s function and efficiency. At Langton ClimateCare, our technicians have received some of the most extensive technical training in the industry. We know the minor repairs to make to ensure the optimal function of your furnace.


How much do furnace repairs cost?

Unfortunately, there is no accurate answer to this particular question. The amount you will pay for furnace repairs is different for each situation. Just know that you will be charged for a service call, and you will be given a thorough analysis of your furnace repair needs with an upfront quote once the diagnosis is completed.


What do I need to check before calling you for furnace repairs? 

It would help if you know the model and make of your system before calling us. Double-check to make sure your furnace is set to the heating mode if you want to contact us for furnace repairs. You might have forgotten to change your thermostat settings between seasons, and your system doesn’t have any problem.


What about emergency furnace repairs?

Furnace breakdown happens at the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, we got you covered. When you call us for emergency repair, our technician will inspect your heating system and diagnose the issue affecting your furnace. We’ll fix some issues on the spot, while more extensive problems that may require a new system to be installed will be fixed later.


Should I replace or repair the furnace?

We encourage you to contact our technician on whether to replace or repair your furnace? You can avoid a replacement unit if the heating system hasn’t reached its expected lifespan. At Langton ClimateCare, we’ll provide spot-on advice about when it’s time to replace or repair your furnace.


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From maintenance to repairs and replacements, there’s a reason why homeowners in Hamilton call Langton ClimateCare when they need heating and cooling help. Give us a call today at 905-312-9644 if you have any questions regarding furnace repair or replacement. Our trained service technicians are always ready to help you.




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