Save $250 on a micro-fibre ultra high-efficiency filter.

Do you or your family members suffer from allergies and asthma? Take a deep breath and relax. Micro-fibre Merv 11 air filters are designed to provide the extra protection you need from pollen, mould, dust, animal dander and much more. They are:

• 97% efficient, significantly higher than other filters
• Micro-Fibres trap airborne particles as low as 0.01 microns
• The expandable filter allows it to hold more pollutants, so they last twice as long as a regular filters

We’re personal climate experts. That means we know what it takes to keep your home healthy and comfortable. And you know we’ll go the extra mile to make sure everything is right, every time.

Contact us today and save $250 on this high efficiency filter! OK, you can breathe now.