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Let’s take an introductory look at gas fireplaces. First of all, gas fireplaces typically come in three types: inserts, which are used to retrofit a wood-burning fireplace; built-ins, are typically installed where there isn’t an existing firebox; and log sets, basic burners that sit in existing, open fireplaces. Inserts and built-in fireplaces are very efficient […]


In our last Blog, we discussed ways to reduce Home Insurance Premiums in Hamilton with products such as leak detection devices. Now, we are going to take a more in depth look at one of those products and how they work. AquaTrip is a permanently installed and patented Leak Detection System with an inbuilt control […]

Is there a way I can save on Home Insurance Premiums?

Our home is our castle, it gives us shelter, it provides heat, and it protects our family and our valuables. In return, we protect our home with insurance, but home insurance can be pricy in Hamilton. As insurance premiums rise, and in some cases, replacement coverage is reduced; we are left to wonder if there […]

Can I have cooling in my home if I have no ductwork?

So, you want to cool your home in Hamilton, but do not have a conventional forced air heating system. What do you do? Well, a ductless mini-split system could solve your dilemma. Although a ductless heat pump, the most common type of mini-split system, is a relatively newer alternative in the heating and cooling industry, […]

What is SEER and how does it affect my choice of air conditioner?

So you’ve determined that you need a new air conditioner in the Greater Hamilton area. You understand that there are different SEER ratings, but you are not quite sure what that means for your pocket book. Let’s start with the basics. First of all, SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER […]

What to look for when choosing a heating and cooling contractor in Hamilton

Choosing a heating and cooling contractor can be difficult. There are many equipment manufacturers to choose from and installation prices can vary depending on the contractor. Sometimes it’s hard not to choose the cheapest price based on that aspect alone. The problem is the cheapest price doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Make sure you research the […]

Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Service in Hamilton

Most of us assume that if our air conditioner is cooling the house, it is working perfectly. This may not always be true. In fact, even though your system may be cooling your home, it may not be functioning properly. Although diagnostics should be left to the professionals, like those at Langton ClimateCare, there are […]

How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?

There are many reasons to have your ducts cleaned, but how often? There are many factors that determine the frequency of duct cleaning. For instance, if you run your heating and cooling system more often, the air that is circulated through the system and the ducts can collect dust, pollen, and pet fur and dander. […]

Spring into action with a home cooling system tune-up in Hamilton

When April rolls around, it’s time to think spring cleaning! Some of the more obvious jobs on the household list include lawn maintenance, gardening, and cleaning out the garage. However, homeowners often overlook one of the most important tasks: a thorough inspection of their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Although some may feel […]