Tankless Water Heaters

Hot Water Tankless Heater in Hamilton

With a tankless gas water heater, there is no storage of large quantities of water coupled with the costs of keeping the water hot when compared to a traditional water heater. It is hot water on demand. With a tankless system, you only pay to heat the water you use which means with tankless technology you consume less gas than conventional hot water heaters. Also, imagine the space you will save with a wall hung tankless gas water heater! Langton ClimateCare carries a variety of tankless water heater product lines for your in-home use.

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Tankless Combination Gas Boiler/Gas Hot Water Heater Hamilton

Hot Water Heater Hamilton

If you live in a home with hot water heating (ie. Boiler system) and require domestic hot water as well, there is no more efficient way to heat your home and domestic hot water than with a Tankless Combination Gas Boiler/Gas Hot Water Heater. Rather than two separate systems, the efficiency of a combination unit has been proven to be very cost effective. The size of the new combination units can transform the space once occupied by conventional equipment into free space for storage or other uses. At Langton ClimateCare we have a wide variety of product lines for you to choose from. Our professional technicians are trained in the installation and service of all our units.

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